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Welsh College


Singing (Mezzo Soprano), Stage Combat trained, Basic piano, Full Driving Licence. Speaks Fluent Welsh.


OMLET 'Maria' Director Rhian Mair Boomerang Films
THE DARK ‘Main Stumblehead Matyr’ Director John Fawcett Impact Pictures
2 Dy A NI 'Menna' ITV Wales
INNOVATIONS Director Tim Baker BBC Wales
TREFLAN ‘Elin’ Director Tim Lyn Alfresco Television
CRACIO ‘Donna’ Director Paul Jones Teledu Apollo
THE SECRET LIFE OF MICHAEL FRY ‘Nurse Phillipa Brownlow’ Director Mark Mundan Alomo
DIRTY WORK ‘Glynis’ Director Douglas McKinnon Alomo
THE BILL ‘Janine’ Director Bruce McDonald Carlton
IECHYD DA ‘Mali’ Director Rhys Powis Bracan
MORTIMER'S LAW ‘Rhonwen Parry’ Director Moyra Chatsworth Chatsworth TV
Y GLAS ‘Becky’ Director Hugh Thomas Boda
PAM FI DUW ‘Marie’ Director Terry Dyddgen Jones HTV


OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD 'Dabby Bryant' Director Alex Clifton Watermill Theatre Newbury
THE CRUCIBLE / Y PAIR 'Mary Warren' Director Judith Roberts Theatr Genedlaethol
THE CRUCIBLE ‘Mary Warren’ Director George Perrin The Young Vic
CANCER TIME ‘Iola’ Director Alex Clifton Latchmere Theatre
WITCH CHILD ‘Mary’ Director Derek Cobley Taliesyn Theatre Swansea
ROBIN HOOD ‘Maid Marion’ Director Michael Vivian Festival Theatre Malvern
SILAS MARNER ‘Nancy’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd + Tour
THE SECRET ‘Miss Emily’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd + Tour
JACK IN THE BEANSTALK ‘Princess Roxanne’ Director Peter Doran Torch Theatre
ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST ‘Feletti’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd + Tour
HARD TIMES ‘Louisa’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd + Tour
FLORA’S WAR ‘Gwen’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd + Tour
DAMWAIN A HAP ‘Maria Feletti’ Director TIM BAKER Theatre Clwyd +Tour
ANNE FRANK ‘Anne’ Director Dawn Ingleson New Victoria Stoke
WORD FOR WORD ‘Kate’ Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd
A CHRISTMAS CAROL Director Janys Chambers New Victoria Stoke
THE CHANGELINGS Director Tim Baker Theatre Clwyd
HANSEL AND GRETEL ‘Pod’ Director Mike James Torch Theatre
BLACK COMEDY ‘Carol’ Director Anna Barry Bute Theatre Cardiff
CAMELOT ‘Morgan Le Faye Director Andrew Neil Bute Theatre
KENNEDY'S CHILDREN ‘Wanda’ Director Ian Hastings Caird Theatre Cardiff
MISS JULIE ‘Miss Julie’ Director Menna Price Cardiff


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